• why i am no longer vegan

    i have been vegan since september of 1996.
    that would be approximately 20 years.
    i, like many others, pledged to be vegan for life. for the animals.
    you may think that this blog post is going to be about me not being vegan anymore.
    you couldn’t be more wrong.
    i have recently seen many people claim that they have started eating animals because their body “craved it” and they are “just doing what their body wants.”
    i am a recovering alcoholic and addict. my body sometimes craves drugs and alcohol. does this mean that i should start using these substances? of course not.
    our bodies crave all sorts of things that we do not need to consume. consuming animals and animal products, wearing their skins, participating in their exploitation, and otherwise using them for our own benefits is purely selfish.
    there is no other way to describe it.
    when we start justifying the use of animals for our gain, we have lost sight of what we first were so disgusted with.
    we are saying “our desires are more important than your life.”

    our selfishness is not worth a life. or incidentally when we stop being vegan, hundreds – even thousands of lives.

    vegan, not for myself. purely for the animals.